About Vein360

Our Mission & Our Team

Our Mission

Vein360 will help clinic partners recover cost and operate sustainably by delivering safe and effective product recovery and purchasing solutions. By lowering costs and reducing medical waste, Vein360 positively impacts their clients’ practices and the environment.

Vein360 has delivered millions of dollars in healthcare supply chain savings while preventing tens of thousands of devices from accumulating in landfill.

Our Team

The Vein360 leadership team is comprised of an interdisciplinary group of experts in healthcare delivery, device design and medical device reprocessing.

Suzanne Meyer


Suzanne Meyer is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Vein360. She is a highly educated and seasoned professional in the field of biomedical engineering. Since earning her Master’s degree from the University of South Florida, she has held several leadership roles spanning the development of several innovative, outcome-focused product solutions for the healthcare industry. Most recently, her dual passion for engineering and the environment led her to create a world-class sustainability solution for vein professionals across the United States.

Suzanne fuses her education and experience to drive down healthcare costs without compromising the quality of care for the patients and physicians she serves.

Dr. Christopher Meyer


Christopher Meyer MD, FACS is the founder and Chief Medical Officer of Vein360. He is a graduate of the University of Notre Dame and the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. Dr. Meyer practiced general, vascular, and thoracic surgery for several years prior to devoting himself full-time to the care of patients suffering with venous disease. His current practice, Florida Vein Care Specialists, spans seven locations in Central Florida. His desire to build the most cost-effective, systematized, and efficient vein centers, led to the development of Vein360.

By partnering with passionate and gifted professionals, Dr. Meyer’s aims to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability of vein centers across the country while driving down costs.

Seth Masek

VP Operations

Seth Masek is a pioneer in the field of single use medical device reprocessing. Over the last 25 years he has held several roles in this industry, including the implementation of novel sustainability programs which reduce or eliminate waste and drive economic value to healthcare. As a founding member of the first medical device reprocessing company in the world, his career in sustainability has spanned R&D, Quality, Manufacturing and Commercial Operations. Seth has developed cutting edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of healthcare professionals.

Seth’s vision is to eliminate waste generated by healthcare operations through device recovery, reprocessing and technologies which promote the well-being of both environment and economy.