Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know the product is clean?

We validate our product’s cleanliness under worst-case conditions according to recognized industry standards, utilizing independent labs who perform extensive quantitative and qualitative assessments against rigid criteria. We validate by inspecting every surface and extract every part for cleanliness. Additionally, we inspect 100% of our devices for cleanliness as part of routine manufacturing.

Our validation data was submitted to the FDA as part of our 510(k) where it was rigorously scrutinized by independent scientific experts. FDA cleared our product as equal to the cleanliness level of the OEM.

We rely on automated cleaning processes for the most critical parts of our product, using state of the art technology to ensure each and every device is fully clean and safe to use.

How do I know the product works as well as the new device?

We validate that our product performs identically to the OEM after reprocessing under worst-case conditions. This includes comprehensive electro-mechanical performance tests which were submitted to the FDA as part of our 510(k).

Unlike the OEM, we inspect 100% of our devices for form, fit and function prior to distribution. We perform numerous tests of product integrity and reliability on every device we sell. Our robust set of inspections ensures unparalleled quality and dependability.

Why should I choose Vein360?

Our leadership team is comprised of a seasoned surgeon that works in vein centers every day, a veteran biomedical engineer and a foremost expert in single use device reprocessing — this fusion of knowledge and expertise results in a simple reality: we make the best possible product at the lowest possible price.

Vein360 is committed to helping you optimize the cost-effectiveness, efficiency, and quality of your vein center. This is our only specialty.

Is it worth my time to change from my existing RF vendor?

Vein360 works with you or your staff to make the process of switching seamless and headache-free. We will partner with you every step of the way, ensuring that you have a great experience. Whether you’re bringing an RF generator or you will need one to make the leap to Vein360, we have options for you and your Vein360 support representative can help you select the best path.

Our customers realize significant savings on their RFA catheter costs by making the switch to Vein360. If you’re performing more than a handful of procedures per month, this savings can add up. To get a better idea of how much you could save, request a quote today.

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