Vein360 Reprocessed Visions PV .035 Catheter

Serving as a complementary component to traditional angiographic procedures, the Vein360 Reprocessed Visions PV .035 digital IVUS catheter assesses the vascular morphology within blood vessels and delivers cross-sectional imaging of these vessels. With a 90 cm working length and a maximum imaging diameter of 60 mm, this device plays a crucial role in the diagnosis of peripheral artery disease as well as venous disease.

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Model Specifications

Catheter ModelReprocessed Visions PV .035 Catheter
Minimum guide catheter8.5 F
Maximum guide wire0.038"
Maximum imaging diameter60 mm
Working length90 cm
Frequency10 MHz

FDA Cleared

Vein360 submitted our comprehensive validation data to the FDA prior to marketing and our product was found to be substantially equivalent to the new, unused catheter. Our extensive array of validation data objectively demonstrated that our products are clean, sterile, functional and biocompatible.


Every critical attribute of our RFA catheters is validated including cleanliness, sterility, functionality and biocompatibility. Further, we rigorously inspect 100% of our devices for form, fit and function prior to distribution.


Vein360 uses state of the art technology which fuses effective chemistry and mechanical energy to completely clean all surfaces of the device. We have proven our devices clean using qualitative and quantitative methods against recognized industry norms. Finally, we received FDA-clearance by submitting the totality of our cleaning method and validation, which a decision from FDA that our products were safe and effective after reprocessing.

Built With the Patient in Mind

Vein360’s founder is a vascular surgeon who prioritizes patient outcome above all else. Our products meet the highest standards of quality and effectiveness to be expected from a physician.

Real, Sustainable Savings

Vein360 delivers consistent, predictable savings to the customers we serve, generating thousands of dollars of savings without compromise in safety, quality and reliability.